The Dixie Quilt Guild has a variety of activities throughout the season including:

·         Monthly Workshops

·        Zion Retreat

·         Friendship Groups

·         Secret Pals

·         Challenge Quilts  (click here to view)

·         Philanthropy

·         Appliqué Club

·         Long Arm Group

·         Fall Workshop

·         …And more

There is an activity for everyone. Each is designed to provide a learning experience and a lot of fun.  Review the list below and get signed up. 


Our monthly workshop are free to Guild Members.  Each month a member of our Guild volunteers to conduct a workshop on a new skill or technique they have learned.  Some months the workshops are geared towards beginning quilters and some classes are set up for the more advanced quilter.  All Guild Members are welcomed regardless.  The workshop is intended to be a fun social gathering and a chance to learn from each other.  The workshops are held on the third Tuesday of each month at the St. George Senior Center at 10:00 AM to approx. 1:00 PM.  A second session is held at 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM based on interest level.   These workshops are free to Guild Members.  A workshop supply list is included in the monthly Newsletter.  Some months you are asked to bring a sewing machine and some months you just need a needle and thread.  Come join us for a great day of friends, learning, and fun.


Each year the Guild heads off to Springdale for a two and half day retreat.  We lodge in hotels and/or our RVs and have a great time quilting together.  Activities vary from year to year, but usually attendees can sign up for formal classes or just sit-n-sew.  A banquet is held on the second evening for all attendees.  This retreat is a great way to get in some bulk quilting time and have fun with Guild Members.  The Retreat is held in January or February each year.  Watch the Newsletter for signup information and other details.   



Friendship Groups are groups of Quilters from our Guild who get together monthly to socialize and/or work on projects.  Groups are usually 6 to 10 Quilters.  The Group decides when to meet and what they want to work on when together.  Some groups just do show-n-tell and share their learning’s.  The members of these groups become good friends and often expand their activities beyond just quilting.  If you would like to belong to a Friendship Group contact the Friendship Group Coordinator. See Newsletter for contact information. 



 The 2011 - 2012 Challenge Quilt theme was "Going Green".  Quilts had to have at least 50% of the front made from recycled items.  Members got quite creative using everything from dryer lint to old Grandmother's handkerchiefs.  Click here to see the entries in this year's challenge.

The Challenge Quilt theme for 2012 - 2013 will be posted here soon.




Each month all members are welcomed to come help make quilts for charity.  We met on the second Thursday of each month at 9:30 AM until about 1:00 PM.  Bring a brown bag lunch and enjoy the company of fellow Quilters while working on a small project.  This is a great way to learn traditional and new quilting techniques from others while providing those in need of a quilt for their comfort.  Organizations that have received quilts include Dove Center, Youth Crisis Center, Dixie Regional Hospital, and many others particularly those dealing with children in crisis situations. See Newsletter for meeting locations.  




The Long Arm Group is for members who like to machine quilt on a mid-arm or long-arm quilting machine.  Anyone who is interested in learning about long-arm quilting is welcome even if you do not have access to a machine.  We bring our show-n-tell and learn from each other.  The Long Arm Group meets on the second Saturday of each month.  See the Newsletter for details. 




The Appliqué Club is for anyone who enjoys applique or wants to learn to appliqué.  The group meets on the second Saturday of each month.  All members are welcome. Bring you project and come enjoy the company of others who Applique'.    See Newsletter for details.




There will be no Fall Workshop in 2011.