Welcome to the Dixie Quilt Guild.  We are a proud group of 200+ Quilters (Men and Women) who have a passion for our art. If this is your first time visiting our site, Join us in our fun and learning.  We have more quilting activities going on than one person can keep up with.  Check out our Activities page, and our Events schedule and then come meet us. 

The Dixie Quilt Guild encourages, promotes and preserves the art of quilt making.  Through Guild activities we make friends with others who share our fascination with this art form, add to our knowledge of techniques, improve our skills, find solutions for challenges, and accomplishments. We welcome anyone interested in quilting to join us regardless of skill level.  We look forward to your friendship as we teach you and learn from you about this wonderful art.

The Dixie Quilt Guild was started in 1983 by a group of eleven dedicated quilters in Saint George Utah. They were soon joined by more women interested in the quilter's art. The guild started publishing a newsletter in 1989 to inform members of new skills, workshops, meetings and general information. Since 1983, the guild has grown to 200+ members and continues to grow monthly. Members are known nationally and internationally for their outstanding contributions to traditional quilting projects, art quilts, and wearable art.